Delivering Hope

Chairman's message. 

AHS Foundation's aim is to "Deliver Hope" to under-privileged members of our society in inaccessible areas where other NGOs may not have ventured. Our services are totally on humanitarian basis irrespective of colour, cast, creed, ethnicity, region and religion. In return we ask for Prayers and hope for the Blessings of Almighty.  

Nadeem Shah 

The AHS foundation is a charity dedicated to saving lives, improving conditions, and rebuilding communities and infrastructures in areas affected by natural disasters. We are committed to providing training initiatives that empower local communities; thus enabling them to rise out of poverty and despair and once again become a self sustaining and thriving community. Currently we provide vital support to communities devastated by the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake , with aid for over 12,000 people in Kashmir. The village of Noon Bagla is the centre of our training and redevelopment proposals.

It was set up by Nadeem Shah in memory of his late father Ahmed Hassan Shah . Chaired by Nadeem with the aid of a progressive Board of Trustees the Foundation is now actively engaged in fund raising. Nadeem travelled to the devastated area almost immediately after the disastrous earthquake in October 2005. This life-changing experience convinced him of the need to establish the AHS Foundation and to make a permanent and realistic improvement to the lives of the community of Noon Bagla, a village left devastated by the earthquake .

Doctor-LHV (Visits Started) 

 Dr. Ferhan Hanif
Checking patients in BHC Noon Bagla.


 Start of Doctor and Lady Health Visitior's weekly Trips to AHS BHC Noon Bagla .

According to the agreement in MOU with health department AJK earlier this year, the weekly visit of Medical Officer and Lady Health Visitor started from today.

Mrs. Naheed spent the day examining the Women Patients who required special attention.

April Snow Fall in Noon Bagla

 Unusual Snowfall.

An unusual snowfall about 3 inches in Noon Bagla. Heavy rain for last 2 days. Road to Bagh closed due to a big land-mud slide at Sarbala (a village about 6 km. from Chikar) which is continuously sliding.

MOU Signed.
(Memorandum of Understanding)


An MOU  has been signed between "AHS Foundation" and "The Health Department" of The State of AJK on February, 24th 2018. The District Health Officer Jhelum Valley, Mr. Dr. Farooq Awan on behalf of the Department and Project Manager AHS Foundation, Mr. Waheed Gilani signed the MOU.  
Others who signed the document including Mr. Dr. Arshed, Mr. Dr. Ferhan, and Journalist Mr.Muneeb Ahmed Chikarvi. 
Staff of RHC (Rural Health Centre) Chikar and Admin AHS BHC, Mr. M. Safeer also attended the cermorny. 

To read the details of MOU please click or touch here

From left to Right. Dr. Ferhan, Dr. Arshed, Waheed Gilani, Dr. Farooq, Muneeb Chikarvi and two RHC staff

 About 9 inches snowfall in Noon Bagla. Road to Noon Bagla from Chikar is closed today. The electric power is also disconnected due to line damage.
We preplanned and stocked the medicine for the season.

Chairman's Vist - Meetings

Chairman AHS Foundation, Mr. Nadeem Shah visited Pakistan on a 10 days trip. His schedule includes meeting with WWO President. Meeting with DHO (District Health Officer Jhelum Valley District of AJK) and Visit to AHS BHC Noon Bagla.
From AHS the Chairman and the Project Manager, met with Women Welfare Organization President Mrs. Najma Bukhari and Mrs. Anika Bukhari  at Bani Gala Islamabad. Possibilities of mutual cooperation were discussed.



Mr. N.Shah along with Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Jawad and Project Manager Waheed Gilani visited the BHC Noon Bagla. The District Health Officer Mr. Farooq Awan also came to the Health Centre for a scheduled meeting. Our services to the people were appriciated by DHO. He expressed his willingness to sign an MOU  for mutual assistance. Representatives of community also joined the meetings. The community thanked AHS Foundation for valued services in the area.




 70th Independence Day celeberated in Government Boys School Noon Bagla. AHS Foundation's representative was invited as special guest of the ceremoney.


 Mrs. Najma Shakoor along with Mrs. Anika Bukhari, Mr. Ahsen and Mr. Arshed visited BHC Noon Bagla and met with local women to plan for the future projects.
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 Saddaqet Mehmood, (Our Ex.Dispenser) joined AHS Foundation again. The HMC approved his appointment. We welcome him.


 Our dispenser Waqar Ahmed got a permanent Government job therefore, he won't be working for or with us anymore. A paramedics is working on temprary basis. We hope that our ex employee Sadaqet Raja who is back from abrod will rejoin us. Please note that AHS Foundation has no responsibility of any body's direct deal with Waqar Ahmed nor he has a right to do anything on Foundation's behalf. We are thankful to Mr. Waqar who worked for us for long time and we appriciate his cooperation.


A scheduled meeting of Project Manager Waheed Gilani with President WWO (Women Welfare Organization) Mrs. Najma Shakur, held in her Rawal Pindi Office. Matters of mutual co-operation for improved services were discussed. Both sides were satisfied and optimistic that many a things can be improved ......


Two feet and a half snowfall in Noon Bagla made the life stand still. Temperature fall below zero. As there is no proper heating arrangements or system in houses, we fear affects of severe cold on people’s health mainly the children and elders. We have pre-arranged and are prepared to help in this extreme cold situation.....


HMC (Hospital Management Committee) and community leaders of surrounding villages met with Project Manager at AHS BHC (Basic Health Centre) Noon Bagla for an annual appraisal of activities and discussions. We are happy to remark that not a single word of protest or criticism came out. Rather, all members and community.....

Nadeem Shah

As humans we wish to earn and accumulate sometimes a lot more then we require.  
Many of our fellow human being’s desire only a source to survive.  
It is only a matter of chance. The difference between “giver and receiver is the mere length of an arm”  
Some of us are fortunate to acquire and some aspire for very little, they live a life without much desire.  
Those who have must contribute, for those who are destitute.  

Waheed Gilani
Project Manager

For me working with AHS Foundation revealed the difference between "living and leading" a life.  
When my 7-bedroom home was destroyed in the earthquake not only did I lose the materialistic things i had collected but also the man who had brought me up.  
The loss of my father helped me to see life in a different light.  
Living life with materialistic things was not as comforting as I had once thought.  
My transition from living to leading was extremely difficult. However, my involvement with the foundation has enabled me understand what life with less materialistic things and lots of love from those who need and deserve our help can offer. 
“From my experience I have been fortunate enough to see that inner peace is more soothing than outer comfort” 

Shazia. (Noon Bagla)
People still die but, at least we don’t regret the unaided demise of our loved ones. AHS Foundation gives us hope and a place to turn in times of need. Reaching the most deserving and needy is tangible service and the Foundation has been serving in this remote region for such a long period, proof of its commitment to a sincere humankind service. Previously people of this area had no option but suffer. Now we have a hope of care, not too far from our reach.  
Thanks to contributors and Management of AHS Foundation for this charitable and self-sacrificing provision. We have nothing but words of thanks, spirits of gratitude, and prayers of blessings for you and your families.  
May God Almighty bless you in all aspects of your life. 

Anila Zia. (Rahimkot)
Besides long journey of about 2 and a half to 3 hours on foot, I’ve come to the AHS Foundation’s Health Centre many times. I always got good attention, effective and free medicine, and friendly attitude of the staff. There are so called health facilities in our area but, either there is no staff or the medicines. All people of our area trust that when we visit AHS Health Centre, we’d get help.
It is therefore we walk on foot uphill for hours. We are thankful to AHS Foundation for much needed and exemplary service they provide to a vast majority of helpless people. May God reward you with success and improvement

A.Hameed (Rahimkot)
You get surprised that we walk on foot, an uphill track with women and children this far. Who would do that with older and children if there were a help nearby? There is health facility of the Government in Rahimkot, but it is only to compensate the appointed staff with salaries. If luckily, one gets the M.O ( Medical Officer) or Dispenser in the facility, there are no medicines and we yet have to travel to a big town to purchase the prescription.  Noon Bagla is the only place where we get regular help, free medicine and distinctive behavior of staff who prove by their attitude that they serve the humanity. Your service is actual need of this area. We always get benefiting results of our visit. Although it is nightmare to walk with women and children this far, yet 1/3rd of people of back valley come here to get help. Some who can afford, go to private doctors in Dheerkot, or Muzaffarabad and Rawalpindi. Still many suffer unattended who are not able to walk here.
If asked, I can prove what I claim. If we had a reliable facility in the area, no one would walk, sick and fragile for hours to reach Noon Bagla.  

Farmood Al Hassan (Noon Bagla)
In a meeting you talked about involving the government to take your charge of facility. The result shall not be different from rest of the ghost institutions around. We take this BHC as a gift from our well-wisher friend and a blessing from God Almighty who sent an angel of blessings at a time of need. Off course you are free to make decision and we have no power to argue as we are only the beneficiaries not the benefactors, but we wish that you stay involved and supervise. We don’t expect the same  passion from government staff who lack the sense of service and responsibility but a monthly income package. We do have the governments but don’t have a check and balance system.  
If you evade this BHC, and come back just to see what has happened to it after a year, I guarantee that you will regret and repent more then us because we will loose the hope only but, you will loose your hope, money you spent and time you gave to this project.  
Whatever you decide and you do, our prayers are with you because you have done lot and unique for us who were neglected due to option less atmosphare and less importance in politics, and influence.  

Aja'eib Deen (Chikar)
Being a member of government department, I would say honestly that your services are superb in current situation. Your dedication to your mission is exemplary and no doubt you are getting more results in limited resources. People always complain about official programs, but this matter has many dimensions. People select the government and their selected representatives didn’t make a solid, realistic policy for any department to serve their  public. Problems are interlinked and a single individual cannot be blamed for that. Favoritism, nepotism, affiliation to certain sections, approach to powerful, and personal interests are hurdles in proper utilization of the resources. 
I would add that your staff is working with 200 percent more in 50 to 60 percent less packages. I would request on their behalf, to compensate them for their dedication and once they are mentally comfortable, they will deliver more.  
I appreciate your service, attitude, co-operation and sense of responsibility. 

Sher Zaman (Riyat)
I live in the back valley and my village is Riyat. Since I live in the bottom area of village, it takes us about an hour to reach here. I came this BHC only a couple of times before and I recovered from the problems I was suffering from. Don’t know whether it were your good intention, attention or medicine that worked. You are very well reputed in the area where I live and people have high hope to NGO (AHS Foundation) due to the its track record. I would say without any hesitation that we don’t have any other hope around. People who have money can afford and go to nearest facilities in government or private sector in Muzaffarabad, but common and majority of people cannot afford it.  
Apparently there are government dispensaries but without staff and supply. Getting prescription on a paper has no benefits if one has to travel for medicine to Chikar or Muzaffarabad. This Health Centre is only place in this whole region where we get foremost the good and respectful attitude of staff. Then safe and secure atmosphere especially for the women. And above all the free availability of required medicines. We hope and implore  AHS Foundation to keep us hopeful until  we are lucky enough to have reliable arrangement from government or other sources. In return we can only pray for you and your families. 


After the earthquake, we were the first ever help to the people of Noon Bagla. We provided shelter and other basic commodities including food to the unattended people in sever cold weather.  

With generous help of AAPKI Foundation Sweden, we supported Village school by building 4 wooden log cabins. Noon Bagla school children were the first to get shelter from climate changes. We are thankful to AAPKI Foundation and Dr. Zahra for the support.

 AHS Foundation picked a young boy SAAD who just completed his college and was eligible to join private health education institution in Muzaffarabad. We support him for a 2 years Pharmacy Course. After that he will be a big help in the area.  

Children Park
In the memory of the 14 Noon Bagla School children who lost their life in earthquake, we built a children play ground with swings, seesaws, and slide in the school area to help children to come out of shock. We try to provide nutritious food to the people during fasting month of Ramadhan and plan to continue it every year.  

Training - Hygiene
With help of our friends, we provided short term vocational training to the young girls and ladies of Noon Bagla. Thanks to Jackei and Samina Gilani for their support. We provided and demonstrated the use of the personal hygienic items to the school children and our patients. 
Personal Hygiene Kits were distributed among our visiting patients and the school children

Noon Bagla (click here) and its catchment area needed long term support as there was nothing one can call basic facility. The health of people was our priority. We found that there was nothing regarding health, except uneducated and untrained, healers the people rely upon. Countable trained health professionals were available in cities and big towns dozens of miles away.

We discussed with local communities and planned a long term health centre in Noon Bagla. Thanks to our supporters that we were able to start a  dispensary in 2007 in temporary wooden log cabins and served people till 2011. We are thankful to AAPKI Foundation Sweden and Dr. Zahra for providing us the wooden log cabins.

Formaly inaugurated by the Primeminister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan in May, 2011, the
BASIC HEALTH CENTRE  (click here) is helping community mostly the women, children and elders since 2011  and served free medicine to more then 42,000 patients from around 36 villages excluding the nomads and temporary habitants.

We planned our limited resources to concentrate on health and achieve results, rather then diluting on multi purpose things and ending up with little benefits. It is because of the steady planning and following that policy, that the BHC Noon Bagla is considered as reliable, regular and trustworthy facility in the area.  


lot more needs to be done for the people of region to facilitate them for basic requirements of daily life. Lack of knowledge and education, want of technical and skill training and nonexistence of job opportunities are the major obstacles towards the progress.

      We’ve stepped forward by educating and training for common health by picking a young boy from Noon Bagla and supporting him to get professional health training. In next step we’ll train and educate few girls for women health and midwifery. To do that we need to provide pre-required average education to the girls of this area to enable them to join the health training institutions.

      Since the region has limited or no access to the institutes for girls education, women of the region are far back regarding education. We are planning to pick determined women willing to go for training, far from their homes and family.  

      We are planning to involve the female section of society to learn earning and saving from the available sources around them. For that our consultations are underway with Women Welfare Organizations and soon we’ll start with collaboration or under supervision of experienced staff of the NGOs.
      We also want to start microfinancing the resolute groups of women in the area on no profit no loss basis and create exalted resources for them to support their families. We require a handsome amount of funding to instigate such a project which can sustain generating its own sources by circulation and utilization of the initial capital.  

      All this needs time and sources. We need your generous support to deliver hope to those who are hopeless. Please contact us (click here) for your contributions.  

AHS Foundation's Ex-Director of Fund raising and Operations, Michael Champion , went on an expedition to Pakistan on 31st October 2010 for three months. Here we serialize his daily diary where he details his first impressions of the people he met and the obstacles he had to surmount in order to complete his mission out there. This is an insightful account from a visitor to one of the world’s most interesting, dangerous and exciting countries. Michael spent his time between Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, and the remote village of Noon Bagla, where our Basic Health Unit has been built. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to remove yourself from the comfort of a routine job, in a safe and comfortable environment and to travel 4000 miles, by yourself, to a place totally different to what you’re used to and live the lifestyle of another culture, then this diary is for you.

AHS Foundation Trustee, Col. David Harris OBE, said:

"What Michael did was brave, commendable and totally selfless. He is a shining example that it is individuals that create the Big Society"

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The AHS is a foundation that has shown me the true meaning of 'charity'. AHS is the epitome of generosity towards others. It is a charity that has shown me how small things can make such a difference to peoples lives and how I take my life for granted. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of the AHS Foundation 


The value for money is a real eye opener 

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